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Facebook Ads

Help Customers Find You

With more than 1.3 BILLION active daily visitors to Facebook, you are bound to find your customers and potential customers scanning through their news feed.   We help you target the right audience on Facebook and place a compelling ad in their news feed offering your services.

Google Adwords

Help You Find Your Customers

With more than 3.5 BILLION searches every day Google Adwords is definitely a place where your business can find new customers.  Your potential customers are searching Google daily to find your product and/or services and if you are NOT there… Where they can find you?

Conversion Marketing

Convert Leads into Customers

Facebook Advertising and Google AdWords has revolutionized and leveled the playing field with an effective online lead generation tools for small to mid-sized businesses. Depending on your business you may need a little more help to turn your leads into your customers.  This is where the Conversion Marketing System comes into play.

See what our customers are saying:

Gia brings creativity to strategic marketing plans. She is able to recommend new and innovative ways to achieve results. I was impressed with Gia’s ability to execute a demanding marketing plan with limited resources. Gia not only met but exceeded lead generation goals which resulted in increased revenue for our organization.

– Heather, Director of Global Marketing

Gia has spoiled our region with marketing support. She gave us great localized support, guerrilla marketing tools, and (most importantly) kickass targeted leads. I highly recommend her!

– Roger, Systems Engineer, Entrepredoer, Investor

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